Our Mandate In Difficult Times

It is such a difficult time that we are faced with, it is however that as a charity we are so humbled that our operations have had a lot of good response to this deadly pandemic, we have managed to also donate our skills and resources were need be. We are so much in owe of each and every person that have donated and are still making efforts to donate towards our projects, particularly our Covid 19-Global Appeal that has seen us reach and donate to the Needy in the Continent of Africa, in countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, may I point out that there is so much work to be done and your donations will go a long way in accomplishing our vision of serving and helping the needy of all communities during this difficult time.

I’m also humbled by the response from the Salvation Army in Ashford who have also received from us food parcels for our communities in need right here in the UK, It is our desire as a charity to reach out to many parts of the UK however we can not do so without your help, may I conclude by saying that it is with my great joy that the little that we have both in our resources and skills we have used for the benefit of all communities, we have however a mandate to grow in this wonderful work with our BAME State of Mind project that we desire could be of benefit to communities from the BAME with wide range of projects within the BAME State of Mind banner, Our team as it is have worked so hard enough to help us reach this far, we however need to grow with these projects both during the pandemic and post the pandemic, your help in any form from Volunteering to your kind donations, will see us all serve these communities in dare need.

May I conclude in adopting our say in these difficult times and say

Together We can

Together we will

Together we are unbeatable


Maria Olukoya

CEO Ashford BME Association