A Stable Mind

A lot of times you may wonder who is listening to your cry, you have been crying in your sleep, you have a lot on your plate, you sometimes feel as if no one cares or listens. I may say I do understand what you are going through.
Mental health in our society is stigmatised and seen as a topic we can not discuss openly, as people from the ethnic minority it seems to be ignored. However; a stable mind is the art of the beginning of the cure to mental health. If at all you feel down and needing someone to talk to, don’t be afraid to talk, find a family member, colleague, close friend who you trust and may understand what you are going through, if at all you feel no one understands you, this blog is designed for you so that you can not be alone and suffer alone and not suffer in silent.
May this stable mind be a great beginning of us helping and creating trust, I believe you will trust yourself to seek help when you do need it. Please get in touch with us and we would be happy to help and will signpost you to the relevant services and resources that will be able to support you.


Maria Olukoya